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Ontspannende winter in Zuid-Limburg 🍀☃️
Ontspannende winter in Zuid-Limburg 🍀☃️

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Modern À la carte restaurant

Welcome at Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen

We wish you a warm-heated welcome at Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen. Our team wants to make your stay magnificent and unforgettable.

You can obtain more information about our hotel and the immediate surroundings from this online room directory. For any further questions you can reach our 24-hour reception (telephone number 9). We will always try to improve our service and quality. We appreciate your opinion. After check-out, you will receive an e-mail with the possibility to write a review. This information is very valuable for the hotel. Should imperfections occor during the stay, please let our reception employees know.

Have a nice stay, enjoy!

Our restaurant

Our restaurant

Our restaurant opens every day for a delicious dinner. On the menu you will not only find traditional dishes from the French cuisne but also suprising specialties from the Italian, the South American and Oriental Cuisine. Our chefs works exclusively with fresh products and knows how to create mouth-watering dishes.

  • Lunch


    You can have lunch at Hotel Heerlen daily between noon and 5 pm.

  • À la carte

    À la carte

    You can dine with us daily from 5 pm to 10 pm.



Enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast every day in our restaurant. Breakfast is open daily from 07:00 AM to 10:30 AM and on Sundays from 07:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Reservation required.

Important information

We kindly ask you not to smoke in your hotel room. You can only smoke on your terrace or balcony with the door closed. Smoking in rooms with a French balcony, even with the door open, is never allowed. Unfortunately, we are forced to charge a fine of 150 euros and any additional costs that result from violating this rule.

Bathrobes can be rented at the hotel reception for a small rent and a deposit.

Bicycle storage
The bicycle shed is located on the ground floor of the main building, accessible by elevator.

Late check out
Late check-out is only possible based on availability, please contact our reception for more information. This service is for a fee.

Check-out time
We kindly request you to check out before 11 am.
You can then still use our facilities.

Free WiFi is available throughout our hotel via the network: Hotel Heerlen

Hotel Heerlen a household name since 1980

Hotel Heerlen a household name since 1980

In December 1979 Freek van der Valk opened the first Van der Valk Motel in the South of the Netherlands, namely Motel Heerlen. About 8 years later, the motel was expanded with an extra hotel wing. Later the motel grew into a full-fledged hotel with a beautiful location on TerWorm Estate. Kasteel Terworm has also been part of the Van der Valk Chain since the 1990s. Hotel Heerlen has now become one concept in the region and has grown into one of the largest hotels in the region.

  • Swimming pool

    Swimming pool

    The heated indoor pool offers you the relaxation you need after exercise. The water is +30 C, so you can relax your muscles optimally. From swimming laps to relaxing in our whirlpool; everything is possible!

    Forgot your swimsuit? At the entrance of Badhuys TerWorm there is a vending machine with basic swimwear.

  • Fitness


    Fitness helps you achieve just about any personal goal you set your mind to. This way you can exercise in order to stay healthy and in shape. Moreover, fitness is a great way to lose weight or grow muscles.

    We have ensured that our fitness centre has what all fitness centre’s should have, namely, a variation in equipment. We only have high-quality equipment from Matrix. We have chosen to focus on ergonomics in order to keep injuries from happening. However, most importantly is that all of our equipment is user-friendly so you can get started straight away.

  • Running


    TerWorm estate invites you to take a lovely walk. In addition, the Estate is suitable for running. There are various walking / trimming routes on paved paths. The routes are approximately 4 to 7 km long. If you combine both routes you have a jogging track of no less than 10 km and everything directly in "our backyard". Keep in mind that TerWorm Estate is less well lit in some places during the adventures.

New Wellness now open!

New Wellness now open!

Completely relax in our new wellness! The Wellness of Badhuys Terworm has various saunas to offer, each sauna is unique. Our ice lounge with stalagmite ice fountain and snow shower is unique. Buy your day pass at the reception.

More information

Bicycle & Scooter rental

  • E-bike


    This electric bicycle with pedal assistance developed by QWIC is the latest trend in cycling country. To experience an electric bicycle you really must have tried it yourself. It is as if you are always cycling for the wind.

    More information
  • Unisex Bicycle

    Unisex Bicycle

    Do you want to cycle yourself without electric pedal assistance? Then you have no problem with the QWIC Professional 7 speed bicycle, it is very comfortable and rides superbly!

    More information
  • Scooter


    Driving a scooter is fun! With our scooters it is wonderfully comfortable touring through the beautiful Limburg hills. Our scooters drive at 25 km per hour, so there is no helmet requirement. After a short instruction you can go on your way!

    Reservations can be made through the reception
  • E-chopper


    Would you like to rent something special? Delicious electric cruising with this E-chopper. With the powerful 3000W motor you can quickly but quietly enjoy the surroundings. The action radius is approx. 50 km, making it suitable for half-day rental.

Climate control

Climate control

Your room is equipped with a climate control system. This system ensures that your room can be set to the desired temperature. Below you will find an instruction.

Climate control operation

To adjust the temperature to your liking, you can use the turn button on the controller. When the turn button is in the middle position, the thermostat is set at approximately 21°C. When you turn the turn button to or to + the temperature will be reduced or increased by up to 3°C. The grey button turns the air supply on. This must be switched on, to use the heating / air conditioning. Once the air supply is turned on, you can turn up the volume from the air supply by pressing the button again. The green lights on the controller indicate what strength the air supply is set on. When there’s no light on the climate control, then the air supply is out.

TO HEAT When the turn button is set on +, you can set the air supply warmer. The heating is working to an outside temperature of 20 ° C.
Cold in the room and a outdoor temperature exceeds 20 ° C? We recommend you to turn off the climate control (including air conditioning) and keep windows closed. The room will heat faster this way

Cold in the room and a outdoor temperature exceeds 20 ° C? We recommend you to turn off the climate control (including air conditioning) and keep windows closed. The room will heat faster this way

TO COOL: When the turn button is set on -, you can set the air supply colder. The air conditioning works only with an outside temperature above 14 ° C.

It is advisable to keep the windows and doors closed when using the air conditioning. Hot in the room, but no outside temprature above 14 ° C (for example at night)? We recommend you to turn off the climate control and possibly open a window.

Another pillow?

Prefer a different pillow? At the reception we have a pillow available on request and based on availability for side sleepers or belly / back sleepers. The pillows can be collected at our reception for a deposit of € 25 per pillow. We ask you to return the pillow to the reception upon check-out.

Discover the beautiful environment

Discover the beautiful environment

South Limburg is not only known for its beautiful landscape and Burgundian hospitality, but also for all its international top attractions. Discover both the historical and contemporary sights that South Limburg has to offer or enjoy some sporting activities in the hilly countryside! There is a lot to experience .

  • Green Choice

    Green Choice

    During your stay at Hotel Heerlen you can make your own green choice. Cleaning and changing towels for your room is not always good for nature. So make a green choice and hang the Green Choice door hanger on the door, our housekeeping will not clean your room that day.

  • Clean the World

    Clean the World

    Hotel Heerlen is a proud participant in the Clean the World program. All remnants of our guest supplies (soaps, shampoo, etc.) are collected in a large box. This box is collected a few times a year by Clean the World. The soaps are recycled into new hand soaps and distributed to families in need worldwide.

  • Green Key

    Green Key

    We believe that hospitality combines perfectly with environmentally friendly business operations. Hotel Heerlen is in possession of a Green Key gold quality mark.



A stocked minibar? Order our minibar package at the reception. You will also find 2 vending machines in the lobby with different drinks and snacks.

Order at the reception