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Valk To Go shop

In our Valk To Go Shop, you have everything you need. Whether you want to purchase a refreshing drink or a tasty snack, we've got you covered! Additionally, if you need something practical like a charger, you can find it in the To Go Shop. Whether you're staying overnight, attending a day-long meeting, or just recharging your car.

What is Valk to go?

What is Valk to go?

In Van der Valk Hotel Heerlen, there is a Valk to go shop where you can easily and quickly purchase products. Scan your product and pay with your debit card or phone using the checkout terminal.

The app for (even) more convenience

The app for (even) more convenience

Are you purchasing alcoholic beverages? Then first scan your Restaurant-ID QR code in the Valk Exclusief app. Did you know that we are continuously adding more handy features to our app? Easily unlock your hotel room with Mobile Key or take advantage of exclusive restaurant deals. Click on the icons of your App or Play Store and download the Valk Exclusief app for free

  • Non- and alcoholic drinks

    Non- and alcoholic drinks

  • Snacks


  • Valk goodies

    Valk goodies

  • Travel products

    Travel products

  • Cosmetics