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Estate Terworm

Located next to Hotel Heerlen you will be able to find the beautiful estate of Terworm. Estate Terworm is a nature reserve with a mere size of 200 hectares which offers various possibilities for relaxation.

Let’s get physical

Estate Terworm invites you to take a lovely walk, whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Fall… TerWorm always looks magnificent.

In addition, the Estate is suitable for jogging. There are various walking routes / trim routes on paved paths. The routers are approximately 4 to 7 Kilometres long. For the experts among us there is the possibility to combine both routes and you will be able to have a trail run consisting of 11 Kilometres. The best part is that all of this can be find in our backyard.

The estate

In collaboration with ‘Natuurmonumenten’, Township Heerlen and the Province of Limburg, investments are made in order to maintain as much nature as possible. This way nature is given a fair chance to remain its beauty. What is it that these organisations do? They place brand new hiking trails on old ones; plant standard fruit yards; fill up hollow roads; plant more forest and estate a beekeeper a falconer and a flock of sheep.

Our guests will be able to take nice long walks or cycle several routes while enjoying Limburg’s special nature and culture. For centuries culture and nature have been combined at this estate and we want to make sure it remains this way. You will also be able to find the beautiful castle of Terworm with its well-preserved gardens during your journey.

View the walking map of Landgoed TerWorm.

The castle

On the estate you will find the 14th-century Castle Terworm. The beautiful garden in rococo style envelops the castle in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

As soon as you enter the courtyard through the castle gate, you will be relieved from the stress you feel in your everyday life. Quietly situated in an oasis of green. Hospitality is of great importance here. Everything is done gracefully to ensure that the guests enjoy a special stay.


The Hairstreak is a rare butterfly that only has a full population in Heerlen in the Netherlands. For this reason municipality Heerlen decided to adopt the butterfly in order to ensure its existence. Township Heerlen believes that it is their duty to preserve this type of butterfly and works together with, among others, The Butterfly Foundation to strengthen and connect the habitat of this remarkable butterfly.

The population of the hairstreak is narrowed down due to the inability to find suitable terrain for them to live in. For years, the striking Elm Trees on the ‘Oliemolenstraat’ were the only known location where the Hairstreak butterfly could be found. A few years ago, a number of measurements have been taken to enlarge the suitable sites for the butterfly to live in. Incredibly large elms were planted along the Caumerstream and nectar sources were being planted at the Oil Mill. In addition, the mowing policy in the area has been adjusted. Luckily, all of the previously mentioned measurements have been a success to the living environment of the butterfly. In 2010 the species have been spotted right next to our hotel. This year the butterflies are being recounted, this way we can keep track of the population of the butterfly and hold a close eye to their level of extinction in our region.

Numeral other measurements are planned to take place in the upcoming years. Nature organisations will provide additional information and education in order to make it a success. The municipality will strengthen the habitat for the butterfly by planting a network of (flutter)elms and so-called ‘nectar ponds’. With the flutter being introduced in Heerlen we will be able to welcome a new type of tree which cannot be found here yet. The nectar parks are being realized by natural roadside and forest edge management. The Butterfly Foundation and ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’ support the project with their expertise and financial support. Natuurmonumenten and Van der Valk will assist by providing the Elms and nectar facilities at Terworm.